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Maculopapular rash, urticaria, drug fever eozinofilyya minutes. Most of these reactions occur in patients with a tendency to allergic reactions (especially penicillin) in history.Blood: The cases of slight decline in neutrophil levels, reversible neutropenia (with prolonged treatment), positive direct antiglobulin Coombs, a decrease in hemoglobin or hematocrit, cases of short eosinophilia and hypoprothrombinemia.

The liver: mild transient increases in deca steroid, and alkaline phosphatase. Gastrointestinal tract: lungs or srednevyrazhennye changing bowel habits (diarrhea or diarrhea). In all cases, these symptoms yielded to symptomatic treatment or disappear after its termination. Local reactions: transient pain (with the / m introduction), phlebitis at the injection site (with on / in infusion through a catheter), Intramuscular cefoperazone is generally well tolerated. Post-marketing surveillance General: allergic reaction, anaphylactoid reactions (including shock). Gastrointestinal:pseudomembranous colitis, vomiting. Hematopoiesis: bleeding. The skin / skin appendages: pruritus, Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

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Information on acute toxicity of cefoperazone is limited. It is expected that an overdose of the drug can cause effects, which are mainly deployed more than a manifestation of the side effects of the drug. It is known that high levels of beta-lactam antibiotics in the cerebrospinal fluid can cause neurological effects, should be aware of the possibility of seizures in overdose. Since ceftazidime is removed from the circulation by hemodialysis, this procedure can promote the excretion of the drug from the body if the overdose has occurred in patients with impaired renal function. Treatments: deca steroid sedation using diazepam during seizures arising as a result of overdose.

Interaction with other drugs Alcohol When taking alcohol during or within 5 days after the application of cefoperazone reported disulfiramopodobnyh reaction manifested as hot flushes, sweating, headache and tachycardia. Patients should be warned about the dangers of drinking alcohol during use of cefoperazone. For patients on oral or parenteral artificial nutrition solutions containing alcohol should be excluded. Laboratory tests false positive reaction for glucose in urine is possible using solutions Benedict (Benedict’s) or Fehling (Fehling’s). Incompatibilities Aminoglycosides Solutions cefoperazone and an aminoglycoside should not be mixed directly since there is physical incompatibility between them. When the need for combination therapy cefoperazone and an aminoglycoside it is prescribed in the form of a serial I / drip infusion using two separate catheters provided adequate washing them with suitable solvents between the administration of successive doses of drugs. Cefoperazone should be administered prior to administration of an aminoglycoside. When treating aminoglikozydami recommended to monitor renal function.


Hypersensitivity Before the appointment of cefoperazone is necessary to determine whether the previously not observed in a patient hypersensitivity to cephalosporins, penicillins or other drugs.Patients with hypersensitivity to penicillin drug should be prescribed with great caution. All patients with a tendency to various allergic reactions in deca steroid the anamnesis (especially for drug allergies), antibiotics should be prescribed with caution. If you have an allergic reaction, the use of cefoperazone should stop and start the appropriate treatment. Serious anaphylactic reactions require immediate administration of epinephrine.